thang I've been working on when I get 'me' time

Never Goin’ Back again

Never Goin’ Back Again

Some dummy lyrics to help me finish it.

Kickin’ song. Hope you get the lyrics worked out. That, or start a whole new music genre, Country Scat. :agree:

:laugh: almost done Kevin - may have the new vocal on by mid next week.
:laugh: He must be singin about "Winter in Colorado", or is it spring or winter or spring or winter? :cool: I'll listen later not hooked up for all your brilliance at the moment punky'boy.

I hear ya Levi - this one sounds best on Voice Of The Theaters at 12!

Great bluegrass feel Tommy. Gotta get the lyrics done buddy…going to be a good one this! :agree:

I think I can hear a drop in the tempo… OR
If the tempo were a little slower…

It might help the quest for lyrics…


Don’t change a thing on this Poppa! :agree:

(Voice Of The Theaters at 12? What century was that from, ROFLMAO, oh wait a sec . . . I had a pair of those, nevermind)

Thanks guys - no problem writing lyric - time is the enemy. When you can spend 30 minutes 30 minutes in RealBand and have a basic track complete, I just got ahead of myself. I’ve been trying to write this way and I like it a LOT. Having the demo track complete on an iPod or whatever to write along too is just plain cool to me. Pencil paper and iPod time.
Thanks for the comments!

Voice of the Theater Altec Lansing

Love the bluegrass feel - are the drums real?
Man, some serious guitar / banjo playing going on - love it.

Mix sounds great, I’m not sure what I’d change - oh, I know - nothing.


Quote: (Poppa Willis @ Apr. 18 2009, 12:39 AM)

I hear ya Levi - this one sounds best on Voice Of The Theaters at 12!

:laugh: Darn mine only goes to 10

Love it Thomas, that’s puttin the punk into the funk! It is brilliant! :agree:

Groovy tune yaa got going there Poppa

Thanks man

Wow, that is great, Poppa, and perfect for your voice.

The guit-banjo stuff is cool too. Um, it’s probably not a real banjo, is it?

Also - do you really have a VotT?

LOL - I took that lyric out in the re-write … It is a real banjo. Programmed it personally.I’m finally finding a voice. Surprised no one mentioned the bgv’s guess I pulled them off.

Cool Poppa. Can’t wait to hear the finished product. :agree:


Well, that does it for me - I’m going to actually try to learn RealTracks! I’m a little concerned that a person still needs considerable musical ability to make it sound as good as this.
LOve it!

This is movin’ on since I heard the demo Poppa. Great stuff bud! Drivin’ beat…love it! :agree: :agree: