What are you all working on this weekend?

it’s too hot here…

Hitting the mid 90s today, that’s hot for michigan, nice day to spend in the basement, messing around with the free SSL compressor to try to make phil collins like sounds; that is to say, not a productive weekend here!

Whatchall doing?

We were in the mid 90’s for the evening low!

It’s was 117 on my patio yesterday!

Glad there’s no global warming or I’d be in trouble!

Musically I’m in hibernation mode for a couple of weeks waiting for the end of days.



Rainy England is not living up to its’ reputation this week. Temperatures approaching 30 degrees C here in sunny Yorkshire, set to be even higher over the coming days.

So I’ve been out in the garden with an occasional cold beer :)


Did sound for a live gig yesterday. The musicians were under a large canopy. I was not. So I’m recouperating today…

aww man ,ya had to ask,didnt ya,
yesterday mornin at 6 am sharp i had a date with a chainsaw anda gallon of gas,cut down 3 norway pine an turned them into cabin logs by 10am,2 man kant hook,low trailor,sawmill,you know the story.great thing todo in 90 degree weather.then last night the band mates and i played a wedding in the beautifull town of Grand Marsh WI,where the anuall Corn an Tater Fest goes down,a splendid time is guaranteed for all,i slept so hard that i didnt move for 5 hr’s,an woke with a sore arm that laid stretched out under my noggin,sometimes 4:30 am can be ruff,out to the van,bring in the equipment,piece by piece,inch by inch,truddgin across the swealtering tundra,.mile after mile{thanks F.Z.},made heads an tails of it ,set the sh!t back up and gets the itch to play a bit,so i pull out the song i been workin on for over 3 yrs now,im getting the hang of it ,honest i am,and im diggin Ntrak on my newest old machine,life is good,

I’ve been painting the outside of an entrance door. LOTS of weird stuff flying through the air. Looking at some sanding and least one more coat…

Nuttin… ain’t doin nuttin…


Still at work but I did bring a tele and a dig. 8 track in with me so having some fun when off shift.

No global warming here it’s colder than a witches tit.

An electrical service/breaker panel upgrade is in the works here. I’ve been working on it’s preperation… and moving the dryer and freezer and prepering the basement wall for the service enterance.


How’s the weather there Bill?

Hi StuH:
It’s all happening so fast… Here we are… we’re on the down-side of the dat-light hours… We waited all year for some decent weather… I describe IT as brutal weather… The only thing is, it’s in July as opposed to January… and we don’t need any heat… Well… The on-shore breeze brings in the fog banks… It burns off by noontime and we have rain, sun, humidity and whatever else comes up from down south or out west… I run my humidifier to keep the humidity controlled… otherwise dampness sets in… I always remember… we used to have comfortable summertime weather up here… It don’t seem like that to me… anymore. Mabey, we’ll have a better late summer and fall… This last heating season I was still calling for morning heat and… still running the furnace. it was early June… I hope we have another mild winter… My fuel-oil heating tank and wallet would like that…

You know IT… Over here we allways need something to complain about… IT may as well be, the weather… :O :p


My Sunday band jams in the other guitar player’s basement. Got there yesterday to find that Rob’s air conditioner was broken! On the bright side, the basement was 10 degrees(F) cooler than the upstairs, but the upstairs was in the mid 90s(F)!

But, maybe because of the heat, we had a nicely productive afternoon.

'til next time;


Over here we allways need something to complain about…

It’s the same here in SW Ontario. It’s known as the “Canadian Pasttime” :D


Someone here needs to try the free SSL “board” compressor plug in on lightly distorted guitars for me. I really had no luck with the phill collins drum sound thing, but I tried it on all sorts of things, and when I put it on a lightly distorted guitar (a Strat through my Little Lanilei through a 4x10) it really jumped out. The comp chops low end significantly, and adds some really good grit, from what I can hear. I’ve never heard the real version personally, so I dunno if this is what it’s supposed to do, but it sure made the guitar sound nice.

Anyone try it on anything yet?


Hi TomS:
I registered and downloaded the plug-in, but I haven’t installed it yet… I have a load of compressors loaded in the VST Folder now… but you’re right. This compressor should be installed and used to see how it compares with other compressors. IT can’t be too hard to use… IT only has a couple of knobs on IT…

The fewer switches and knobs, the better… :O :p

The ideal plug-in for me is…

A Three-way switch with the center position “OFF”…

One way is the optimal position…

The other way is the adjustable position… pointing to the adjustable knob… to adjust for… More-or-Less… or Better-or-not-So-Better…


This is not a compressor you will use very often, and like I said I couldn’t get the phil collins thing going, but it does suggest to me that the other plug ins might be very faithful renditions of their hardware. This one definitely has something going on in it that is not usual - it sounds very much unlike a digital emulation. I forget how much their plug ins cost, bet it’s a lot… :( Still might be worth it.

A new heavy tune got some mixing this weekend to determine if the instrument tracking was “as-expected”. It was. So now, I’ll lay the vocals and setup the final mix this week. It’s been a long anticipated song for me, simply because it’s a bit experimental. Kinda like old-skool sounds meet nu-skool techniques. We’ll see how it works out. Wish me luck! :D


Typical 100 degree plus here in Tejas. Gigging my classic rock band Nick Of Time at the Penalty Box sports bar Saturday night. Tracking action is with Alesis HD24 24 track hard disk recorder, mixing w/Samplitude. Currently doing a band demo.Here’s a recent other recording from my studio…