Wife buys Addictive drums

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the wife bought me Addictive drums for Christmas. She’s wonderful, I didn’t ask for it & I sure dont know what to do with it.
I’ve no experience with midi & am starting from scratch trying to create a midi drum track in n-track but I cant hear it on playback. I’ve used ntrack for years & thought I knew my way around it but I cant figure out what’s wrong. The track mixer shows it playing but the master mixer is dead. I feel really stupid. I’ve got version 4. I’d be grateful for any ideas.


I just had the same problem with Addictive (demo) just now.
It was showing in the master VU (live enabled) but no output
from soundcard.
Re-booted (this is a laptop) changed to WDM drivers and it
started to work - but if I toggled LIVE on and off - it crashed
and generated a bug report.
Re=booted again and back to ASIO. unloaded all unneccessary processes
like anti-virus. getright, and some other stuff.
And it started working like a charm w/no problem when I toggled
the LIVE on/off.
So - I don’t really no what to tell you other than try setting
N’s defaults - select your ASIO driver, open a midi track, select LIVE,
and select effects and open Addictive VSTi and give it another try.

No I havent even started on Addictive Drums yet, I’m just trying the basics like writing a midi drum part with the n track tools.
Somebody told me when I click on each drum on the left of the piano roll window I should be able to hear them & that’s not working either.


The only suggestion I can make is to check out the tutorial here

It is a little outdated but still explains the whole process of setting up a “midi” track.
I haven’t looked lately, but I’m sure there must be other tutorials out there somewhere that can help you along (YouTube).

I use both addictive drums and EZdrummer…but I have set up templates and use a different software than N.
Can’t live without them now that I know how to use them.


N doesn’t handle VSTis well and never has… that’s one of the big reasons I bailed.

Thanks for the replies.
Like I said all I’m trying to do at the moment is to hear a midi track playing in ntrack.
This has nothing to do with Addictive Drums yet.
I’ve now downloaded a midi file off the internet & still cant hear anything.
I’ve changed every setting in ntrack I can think might be relevant.
If ntrack is not going to be good with Addictive Drums could somebody suggest another host program, the cheaper the better. (Addictive Drums was my christmas & birthday present from my family!)

Forgot to mention I’ve not been lazy & have read some tutorials


Oh, you are just loading a MIDI file and nothing else? MIDI files contain no sound… they are simply a set of instructions used to trigger other synths… so you HAVE to load or use a synth of some sort and then direct MIDI data that synth.

I thought my soundcard had its own synth. Delta AP Midi? isnt that a synth?
Thats what I’ve got selected in Midi Devices. But I’ve tried all the others in there anyway.
I’m going to buy my wife a bra with a rubik cube for a fastener for her birthday and get my own back


If you want to play your AD-Drums in n you will have to add a midi
track the add drums as a vsti FX - step one.

By Poppa Willis | Posted on Jan. 09 2009, 4:02 PM
“If you want to play your AD-Drums in n you will have to add a midi track then add drums as a vsti FX - step one”.

I’ve already tried this - no sound!


I’m confused JB - let’s start over - You have addictive drummer installed - and it shows up as a vsti in n-track correct?

You can load a midi file from AD?

You play that file and there’s no sound?

You loaded a midi file in n-Track and set AD to play that and there’s no sound?

Sorry but I’m working on 15 dif. projects right now and I can’t spell or read tabs. And … wahhhhhh

If you have a MIDI file loaded (FILE/IMPORT MIDI)on a track -
you select the program you want it to play by selecting track properties -
(Right-click on the TRACK NAME) select properties and change the program
to piano or organ or whatever. Select your synth in output channel box
which is located under the solo/mute buttons. But you have to select your
You can select more than 1 midi device by holding down CONTROL KEY

NOTE if your midi file is a drum track, you want to select
channel 10 in track properties as well.


NOTE if your midi file is a drum track, you want to select
channel 10 in track properties as well.

I think I've had problems before not using channel 10 for the drums. I downloaded the demo, and once I got it installed right, it works fine.

Hi, to get some sound from your Midi track select Microsoft GS synth or similar in n-track midi devices and make sure it isn’t muted in the windows sound mixer. Although this will hopefully get you some sound this type of synth will suffer dreadfull latency and for Addictive drums you will need to use their recommended way of sound generation probably a VSTi as other people have said.

thanks everyone for the tips, I’ve learnt a few things, but still no bloody sound. As I said before the track mixers show the MIDI files are playing but the master mixer is dead. What does that indicate?

Poppa Willis in answer to your question:
Addictive Drums shows up as a VSTi in ntrack
I have loaded a MIDI file from AD
I play that file & there’s no sound
I’ve loaded a MIDI file from the internet, set AD to play it & no sound.

You people are going to get fed up with me


Right click directly on the midi track, and scroll down to “Output to”. There should be a check mark next to Addictive Drums. If not, go to “New Instrument”, and find it under “VSTi” and select it. If it still won’t play, it’s time to start checking your “Settings/Preferences/Midi Settings/Midi Devices”, and “Settings/Preferences/Paths” for the problem.

That’s OK JB - you’ll be sick of me before it’s all over!
Try setting up your midi preferences - I’ve had mine dialed in for so long I forgot how it’s done actually.
See that little icon in the pic above the Time and under add channel - get in there and see what it gives you to adjust.

We’ll get there.

I sure would like it if adding a MIDI track auto brought up an “Output to” selection box or maybe all midi directed to the midi out selected in preferrences.
Maybe the when you added a MIDI track, it could have a defined set of selection tools in the Left Panel box that could be seen instead of requiring a right click or whatever.
What does anyone else think?