Woohoo!! New Wave!!!

Anyone remember early MTV in the 80’s? You’ll probably remember this song from Naked Eyes. Of course, my version doesn’t have all the wedding bells, but, well YOU KNOW…

Danny Milligan - Always Something There To Remind Me

Err… yeah… gosh man…

That’s terrible! Is this supposed to be a parody? If you’re serious… PUNT! Holy cow… :disagree:


Uhhh… do you even remember the original song? It didn’t even have guitars in it, was nothing but synths and bells… jeez, dude, I turned it into a rock song, what do ya want? SKYROCKETS???

Yeah… I remember the original song. Very well thank you…

What’s the point in sugar coating a “review”? If it sucks, I’m going to tell you “It sucks.” My wife walked in while I was listening… I’ll not repeat what she said.

PUNT! Seriously… "Go back Jack… Do It Again"


For those who don’t remember the original song…

Naked Eyes - Always Something There To Remind Me

Interestingly enough, I discovered that Naked Eyes were not the first to do this song, it’s originally by Burt Bacharach, and has been done by many artists over the years, the Naked Eyes was just the only one I’d ever heard of…

I have to say, this song was on the radio like every 20 mins when I was in college, and I could not stand it in the least. Might be because I was listening to lots of punk. :) Just curious, what made you want to redo it? Not being critical or anything. Perhaps we ought to pick a whole bunch of songs to redo to make them better. Or at least tolerable. I call Flock of Seagulls.

Let me clear something up here. I am not trying to be mean or insulting. I WANT people to tell me what is wrong with my stuff! That way I can learn and maybe fix things. :)

DISCLAIMER: The above does not apply to my choleric personality. I’m an ass-hole, I know it, you know it. It’s just the way it is… Telling me it’s “wrong” is like saying “The Sun rises in the west.” It just ain’t true. :laugh:


well, post some more stuff so we can hear it, UJ! :agree:

I really like this idea of taking old horrid songs and making them good. Usually I think this will entail lots of loud guitars.

lol, that’s what I was trying to accomplish, I had always thought this song would have been good if they get rid of all the metrosexual crap that was in the original. Hell, there’s worse than this on the radio, now, lol!

Quote: (dannyraymilligan @ Dec. 19 2010, 8:23 PM)

lol, that's what I was trying to accomplish

Heh... like I said... PUNT!

You didn't make it "better"... try again. :)


The version I remember was Sandi Shaw…

Not the best vid but:


Okay you have put a new spin on this. But if you had not told me that you used guitars I would have thought you used synths. Your post page had me listening for a more organic hard driving rock guitar sound. This still has an 80’s synthetic sounds to it.

Here and there your instrumentation, and at times your vocals, lags behind the beat, and you are flat in spots. You need to EQ some sparkle in your voice, it is dark and muffled. The constant-ness of your drum pattern gets boring after a while. You need to spice up your drums to help keep it interesting.

You should go back and give yourself a critical listen. If everyone told you it was good you would never get any better.

Get back in there, Danny - pull your finger out.

I’m gonna give this a go.


Okay, I made some changes to this track, and they’re uploading now, so you can click the original link to get the new mix. I added 2 guitars to this, then changed the drums and re-recorded the vocals.

That’s interesting, Tony. They’re at a pool, and the title is “Soley Soley” but do they mean “Soleil Soleil” as in the sun is coming back? I look forward to hearing your version of this…

hmmm, this song sounded fine through my speakers, but through my headphones, the bass sounds too big in the mix…what do you guys think?

Ack. I can’t listen right now, I’m in a cafe. I am very technomodern. But I still can’t listen.

Hi Gents:
I stand corrected… It seems to me that song is older that the Naked Eyes Version… I believe that song is outta the '50’s early '60’s…