religion of peace?

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You’re being intolerant of multicultural values.
Shame on you.

Here in Denmark this is all over the media now… Personally, I don’t know what to think.

Should we let a minority group define the limits of free speech just because they don’t like what is being said or drawn?

Are we entitled to insult anybody, anywhere, without consequences just because we have free speech?

Are the insulting drawings just a reason to let out frustrations about the climate of the debate and the general attitude towards other cultures? (I must say, the general tone has grown a lot more chilly and hostile in this country the last couple of years)

Are we being manipulated by forces yet unknown? Are “they”?

Who is to benefit from this conflict in the long run?! ???

I am at a loss here. I defend free speech, but with great freedom comes great responsibilities, and maybe the time has come to adjust the freedom to suit the level of responsibility…

Anyway, in this country a civil lawsuit is apparently the only legal way to counter unjustified utterances.

regards, Nils


If one were to judge all Christians by these folks, I’d say your religion is not a religion of peace either, Teej…

Has anyone seen the cartoon? I believe that this is the cartoon that the uproar is about. It looks to me to be a political cartoon like most others. Certainly if we were living in the time of the inquisition, there very well could have been a similiar editoral cartoon directed at Catholics. I really do not see the cartoon as a cut to Muhammad but as a viewpoint on how his teachings have been twisted by self-serving terrorists.

I fail to see anywhere in the “global bill of human rights” that there is a right not to be offended. I’m of the opinion that we can’t go pussy-footing around every sectarian whack-job or it would become completely impossible to say anything.

I fail to see the benefit in publishing this cartoon, it hit Drudge report today - I wonder if they won’t put a fatwa on Matt Drudge (no big loss there!). Unless they were looking for attention anyway, all it did was create a lot of pointless controversy.

I say f**k 'em - if they don’t like it - don’t look at it. Although, strangely enough the response kinda validates the point that the comic was making to begin with doesn’t it??

I had a friend with a bumper sticker on his car:

“Dear God, please protect me from your followers.” - Rather apropos I thought.


It’s the usual small bunch of radical as$holes making a big stink and recieving a lot of attention. Business as usual.
However, I find it strange that Scandinavian papers printing these drawings in Scandinavia results in bullets flying through Scandinavian offices in Palestine. Should I track down some local muslim shop or office and fire away because I don’t like some of the things a few of these maniacs do on their own turf, like, say, stoning people to death for infidelity ? Hardly…

If they want to boycott our goods, fine. Go ahead and do so. I hope they also remember to reject any & all development/foreign aid money that comes from the Scandinavian countries, which BTW was more or less the only place in the western world that Mr. Arafat could visit in all his years of political limbo.

Now, if we’d published the drawings in Palestine it’d be a totally different matter.

We’d enver censor cartoons in the USA! Unless we are the Joint Chiefs of Staff:


And then there is the T-shirt fiasco…

Anyway, You want nicely offensive political speech? Here it some more, entirely unrelated to this topic:


As to the uproar about the images, there’s something in Islam about those images, I think “blasphemy” is the word. Anyone remember the “Piss Christ” to-do?

Anyway, this might help a bit:


IUMS Statement on Publishing Anti-Prophet Cartoons in Denmark and Norway

By the International Union for Muslim Scholars
Jan. 29, 2006

All praise is due to Allah, and may the peace and blessings of Allah be up on the Messenger of Allah and upon all the prophets and messengers.

The International Union for Muslim Scholars (IUMS) has observed with deep interest the issue of the publishing of cartoons that ridicule the Prophet, which in turn insults the feelings of millions of Muslims as they see the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) depicted in an offensive manner. The drawings were first published in a Danish magazine on December 30, 2005, after which they were republished on January 10, 2006, in a Christian Norwegian magazine. These drawings were presented in a way that could never be acceptable to any person of good faith, nor ever approved of by any person having sound morals. This depiction is unbefitting of a prophet who delivered the divine message.

The IUMS waited for a long time hoping that efforts exerted by the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC), the Arab League, the Muslim World League, and a number of Arab and Muslim countries would result in receiving a proper apology for the offense that was committed by the Danish magazine and followed by the Norwegian magazine. However, this apology never came. The only reply from the Danish was that their prime minister reaffirmed that country’s commitment to freedom of expression and condemned any statement or acts against certain groups or people because of their religion or ethnicity.

The IUMS considers that unclear statement as an attempt to intentionally avoid addressing the issue of these disturbing cartoons by speaking about minorities in general terms. This injures the feelings of millions of Muslims around the world as well as those of the 180,000 Danish Muslims who represent three percent of the population.

The IUMS asks Arab and Muslim governments to express to the Danish and Norwegian governments their Muslim people’s anger at this direct insult of the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) by the publishing of these offensive cartoons. Arab and Muslim governments should also exercise all possible political and diplomatic pressure on the Danish and Norwegian governments so as to halt all such organized anti-Islam campaigns that aim at spreading hatred of and contempt for Islam, its sanctities, and its believers.

The IUMS asks Arab and Muslim countries to boycott an upcoming Middle East exhibition organized by the Danish Center for Culture and Development (DCCD).

The IUMS urges officials in Denmark and Norway to take a firm stance against these repeated insults to the Muslim nation and the Prophet who is followed by 1.3 billion people across the globe, in order to preserve the positive relationship that exists between these two nations and their citizen Muslims as well as other Muslims worldwide. If this does not happen, the IUMS will be forced to urge millions of Muslims across the world to boycott all Danish and Norwegian products and activities.

If the Danish and Norwegian governments make so little of Muslims’ feelings, then boycotting is the least that every Muslim should do, and the least that every da`iyah and scholar should call for in response to the flagrant abuse of depicting the Messenger (peace and blessings be upon him) in such offensive caricatures. We call upon these countries to come to their senses and to offer a proper and clear apology to the international Muslim community.

And Allah has full power and control over His affairs.

All praises be to Allah, the Lord of all the worlds.

President of the Union

Dr. Yusuf Al-Qaradawi
Secretary General

Dr. Mohammad Salim Al-Awa

Tom, I don’t think Christians from various countries threatened to kill random, unrelated people over “Piss Christ”. If there were any threats made (I don’t recall, and I see no mention in the Wiki you pointed to), they were done by lone kooks that few took seriously. The Muslims have threatended to kidnap and kill random citizens of any country in which the cartoon was published.

“Piss Christ” was (is) a sensationalist piece of crap (IMO) whose only purpose was to create controversy and draw attention to a so-called “artist” that seems to specialize in vulgarities. On the other hand, the cartoon in question addresses the fact that in many areas of the world, Muslims are using the teachings of Mohammed as justification for killing innocent people.


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Wow, hard to beleive a cartoon can insite so much rage.

And we are supposed to just sit back as “Muslim Terrorist” point guns at kidnapped journalist? and film it ???

Where is the protest for that young woman?
STUDENTS UNITE! Let’s protest this autrosity! Let’s protest the filming of it, protest the publishing of it.

What could we burn though? You gotta burn something…?

I got it, let’s stand outside the Iranian embassy and burn sheek rags! Yelling death to the towel heads!

But what would that really accomplish?
Shurely some free publicity, and the media would make their living.
The arms dealers might turn a profit as more “towel heads” rush to buy more weapons to defend themselves…lol
The local police would get a small revenue increase from the fines they impose on the disorderly.

In the end, nothing will have been accomplished, kinda like what’s goin’ on now with this silly toon.

I will pray for all involved, with Love on both sides, peace will prevail.

keep shinin’


I agree with John on this issue. (yikes, is it snowing in h3ll?) The cartoon in question was an obvious editorial remark about the current depiction of self serving religious nuts and how they are viewed by a broad spectrum of people around the world. The “Jesus in piss” portrayal is just a single persons “art”. And as John so clearly pointed out, those offended are ready to kill because of their displeasure.

Now I agree that the US has pulled it’s share of censoring during the Bush years. The censoring of pictures of caskets and the dead flown home from overseas is just one glaring example. I was one of those people offended that Sheehan was arrested the other night for wearing a number on her tee shirt depicting the number of americans that have died in Iraq.

But I would bet that there have been all sorts of nasty cartoons involving americans and Jesus floating free among the Arab press. It is all “free speech”. So if you are going to define other people as targets for death because of your religious beliefs, then you better be ready to get an occasional slap on the wrist in the form of an editorial. And if those who believe in Muhammad are angry about the cartoon, then they need to change the view of the world by denouncing killing in the name of Muhammad. I have seen very little of this.

Another peculiar thing about this so called uproar is that:
1 - it took four months after the Danish newspaper Jyllandsposten first printed the drawings, AND
2 - the real hardcore muslims (Al Fatah ?) losing an election
before it got cooking.
It looks like this is just some thugs flexing muscles to remind the locals of how tough they are.
Ergo politics - not religion.


The “Jesus in piss” portrayal is just a single persons “art”.

But some people over here smashed it with a hammer…

Just as one cannot paint all Christians with the same brush, so too one cannot paint all Muslims with the same brush. If one took only the example of those Christians who called for the assassination of world leaders or gays or abortionists or non-Christians as representative, you’d get reasoning parallel to that which you have offered, John and DrG. And that reasoning plays into both Bush’s and bin Laden’s hands. The danger is not Muslims or Christians - it is fundamentalism.

I must be getting old, crap like this doesn’t move me in any form. More important stuff to get upset over. Maybe I just need a laxative, I dunno.

No one said the danger is all Muslims. But I would say that the portrayal of Muhammad driving a Ryder truck with a bomb in it is a statement showing that some Muslims believe that Muhammad wants Muslims to kill those who are not Islamic… And in fact the portrayal is true… I do not think that “all Muslims” believe such nonsense, but this has become a religious war, like it or not. That same cartoon could just as easily had Jesus firing a scud at the ryder truck. Except there are many non-Christians that believe the war on terror is a just one. So maybe it would have been more apt for President Bush to be firing the scud at Muhammad. ???

"Yikes! Religion of Peace?"
Interesting Articles!

I’m not being a dickhead to anyone; it’s just too easy to do that with most any religion/ethnic group/social class/etc…

Sure, we’ve got a problem with the “evil” Islamic extremists mentioned in the article. But… Bash those assholes, not the religion with which they are associated. I mean come on!!


The danger is not Muslims or Christians - it is fundamentalism.

Right on Tom.

So if you are going to define other people as targets for death because of your religious beliefs, then you better be ready to get an occasional slap on the wrist in the form of an editorial.

Yip - goes both ways.

Bash those assholes, not the religion with which they are associated.

Jason, that’s the way that I think about this as well.

If a guy is an ass-hole and happens to drive a BMW, does that mean that all BMW drivers are assholes ? Of course not.

Same goes for these people trying to cover up their assholism with religion. It is the extreme fundementalists (both sides) that are idiots. Not the real people from the religion they claim to follow so closely.

DrG, it is not a religiour war, any more than the conflict in Northern Ireland. The leaders use religion as a political tool, but underneath it are economic and political issues. Solve the economics and the conflict will disappear. One has to be careful not to buy into right wing crap in this case.